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Twenty five years ago a new threat arose and a new normal befell the world...

Like the honeysuckle that permeates the humid night air, the realm of the supernatural has pervaded all aspects of the mortal world to claim dominance.  In this Present Day, Vampires, Demons, Lycans and all matters of things once thought fiction battle for power among the humans who labor beneath them.

Those still mortal find safety within the cities and seek refuge among their supernatural superiors.  The adepts once shunned by other humans for their special abilities now either thrive or are manipulated by others. In the timeless essence of Savannah the city looks inward, sealing itself off from the world at large. Those who live here flourish and achieve greater brilliance in this lush enclosure... Life goes on and the dead never truly depart.

· All Imagine Chat rules apply.

· Graphic adult situations can, and will, occur. Please keep any nudity tasteful. Please keep avatars and codes to the genre.

·Please take a proper name upon entering the room. We welcome observers and guests, but prohibit anonymous names or lurkers, and expect a proper front door entrance is utilized out of respect for our room.

· No Character is omni-potent. We are all adults, and as such expect players to police themselves with issues pertaining to the role-play. Limited Kill to be agreed upon between players. No forcing of such and please do not blow the place up (ask us first!). We will mediate when necessary. However, we are all here to have fun be creative!

· Character Sheets are optional in Savannah (main room) but are required in New Orleans (sub room). Please register to our forum to view additional info and/or register a model.

· We have a clean slate policy. The Role-Play Community is small. Let us not make it smaller. If you are not welcome here, you know why. We will not tolerate any drama OOC or malicious harassment.

Our FAQ can be found here: Clicky!
    Please review for a general idea of what to expect in this setting.

·Our Concept·
Midnight in Savannah is a free-form room with influences from the Anita Verse (LKH), True Blood, White Wolf, Supernatural, and various other supernatural themes in a modern setting. Humans and supernatural co-exist in a delicately maintained balance of structure and order.

We emphasize that ALL characters from any manner of supernatural or modern fantasy realm is welcome. The goal of this room is to encourage role-play interaction between a wide variety of characters and players, from various rooms on site who may otherwise not meet and to seek inspiration in a fun, non-judgmental, supportive environment. If you are simply looking to hook up and follow the male/female masses, please move on. This is not the room for you.

·Policy on Recruiting·
Recruiting directly, or indirectly, for other rooms or sites while within our room is considered poor etiquette.  We encourage cross-room role-play always. However, registering to recruit others, be it here, or on forums and messengers, while not supporting our room is in poor taste and makes everyone involved highly uncomfortable. We ask you respect the room, and what it represents for those players within, or you will be asked to leave indefinitely.

·Policy on Room Design & AVs·
While we take our influences from a variety of genres; our room and our creative touches are our own, please respect this. We have spent many years developing our rooms and take pride in our work.

Avatars: Please be aware that avatars made for members are watermarked with the room name. At no time are they ever to be edited. They are for use in our room ONLY as made by our room designer and Co-RC as a courtesy to our players. If they fail to be used they will be recycled, renamed, and given to a potential new player. This helps keep things moving, and in use, when Amya puts hours of her time into making them for room players. While we are happy to assist you in your role-play avatars needs, we ask you please respect these guidelines. Thank you for understanding.

·New Orleans: The Masquerade (Sub Room Info)·

This is a separate entity from the main room of Savannah, which is purely free-form. The sub-room is for advanced role-play and will require registration to our forum, with a submitted and approved VtM (Vampire: The Masquerade) Character Sheet. Everyone is welcome to come in and learn, but you will begin as a neonate (young vampire) or Human.
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